I think I can safely say this was a varied day. It started with me attending the first meeting of the Coltishall Task Force, which I have been appointed to. About 20 of us met in the Church Hall at Coltishall to thrash through the remit of the group and map out the way ahead. I persuaded them that there should be a specific mention of the effects of closure of the base on small business in the terms of reference and also that we should ask the MoD to contribute to the cost of an economic study. Again, this was an example of people of all parties coming together in a spirit of genuine co-operation. This afternoon I went to visit a lady in Cromer who had asked to see me and then spent a couple of hours on General Election planning - which believe it or not I had planned to do long before all this speculation about an early election. This evening I went to Horning Parish Council. Tomorrow I'm off to Stibbard and Fakenham before settling down to an evening watching the American election results. Then on Wednesday I'm off to Oxford to talk to the University Conservatives before heading up to Liverpool to host and Ann Widdecombe evening.