A fascinating day's canvassing today. We started at 9.30 with a quick whip round the Farmer's Market at Fakenham. We then spent the morning on the doorstep, periodically getting soaked. Exceptional response to the announcement on Council Tax this week. Every pensioner we met knew about it and liked the idea. I then went to visit a couple in East Barsham who had asked to see me - previous UKIP voters who will now return to us. Then on to see a small businesswoman in Kettlestone. She is starting up a french furniture restoration company. In the afternoon we did a couple of hours on the doorstep in Sheringham. Had quick chat with Peter Baldwin, the chairman of the local LibDems. Nice man. Am just about to beautify myself (might take some time) to go to dinner with some people in Gunthorpe.

It seems like May 5th is now a racing certainty (sorry, Robb - didn't mean to mention racing - I know how it gets you going!) I will be spending tomorrow with a wet towel over my head planning my campaign schedule day by day, hour by hour. I've done quite a bit of work on it already but it's one of those things which I have rather put off finishing. At least all the literature is now decided, if not fully written. The Electoral Commission announced last week what we're allowed to spend on our campaigns. It's around £12,500 for the whole campaign. It's not a lot when you consider you have to print several bits of literature for 81,000 people.