Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of days. Even a candidate has to earn a living, you know! I've spent this evening quaking in my boots about what lies before me tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I have to make a speech to 700 A Level Politics Students in london. I'm deputising for David Davis, who has to be in the Commons for the Terror Laws rolling three line whip. I have to speak for 15 minutes and then do 15 minutes questions. Should be fun (yikes...). I'm following Simon Hughes, Michael Meacher, Baroness Scotland and Theresa May. 

Today has been spent partly at work but partly doing some spadework on health policies. I intend health to form a major part of my election campaign. 

My CD Rom has been hitting people's doormats over the last few days. It'll be interesting to see what the response is like. I've already had a phone call at home this evening from someone who was raving about it - they even want to help in the campaign. Let's hope there are lots more like it.

Yesterday evening a friend of mine held a small party to raise some funds for the campaign in Westminster. I guess about 50 people turned up, including a certain former Prime Minister! And I'm not talking about Ted Heath! It really was great to see Lady T there and she was in fine form. I introduced her to a Labour friend of mine and she fixed me with the famous look and said "She may have voted Labour last time, but you won't be making that mistake again, WILL YOU, DEAR?! My friend shook her head, barely able to utter a reply. 

So I have worked out I have had five Leaders of the Conservative Party supporting my campaign - Thatcher, Major, Hague, Duncan Smith and Howard. Roll on Ted Heath...!