I have just got back from appearing on Newsnight to talk about the David Blunkett situation. I was on with Labour MP Clive Betts, with whom I had done a News 24 interview earlier this evening. Clive is a nice guy but does rant a bit. So in contrast I seemed to be the voice of sweet reason (for once!). I will happily admit that I was quite nervous about appearing on this programme and was a little suspicious as to why I had been asked. But when I was sitting there waiting for the opening titles to roll and felt remarkably calm. Jeremy Paxman, who had obviously seen the earlier News 24 piece had earlier sttled me down by greeting with the words "Hello, you attack dog!" I replied that I thought that was normally his role. He then said "Oh you're not going to have a go at me about the Michael Howard interview are you?" Luckily I hadn't seen it. Anyway, I everyone tells me I did OK. Roll on Question Time!