A very exciting day. We had the biggest team of canvassers and leafleters ever seen in North Norfolk today. I started the day at the first North Walsham farmers market - great to see a new initiative with such quality produce. I spent the rest of the morning with a huge team of canvassers in North Walsham before moving on to Fakenham and Wells. In between I had lunch at Holt Rugby Club - they were playing Fakenham today for the Banham Trophy. There must have been nearly 200 at the lunch and I had the somewhat daunting prospect of making a short speech without being political. I decided to turn comedian and think I just about carried it off! I paid tribute to Bill Cubitt's combine on the Holt Road and the fact that it now has a Vote Conservative sign adorning it. I pledged to make it a listed monument!

I'm typing this with my feet soaking in a foot spa one of my canvassers has lent me. A very weird sensation and not one I think I am particularly enjoying. Got to do something about the feet though - they are a nightmare and very painful. But the good side of walking so much is that I am losing weight again. I keep kicking myself that having shed two stone last year I have put quite a bit of it back on. If it comes off again, it stays off.

Had phone calls from David Davis and Ann Widdecombe tonight to see how I am doing. David is fighting the LibDems too so we often compare notes. Ann was typically robust!

Just been on the phone for half an hour to one of my best friends in Washington, who was supposed to be coming over for the last week. His wife is expecting a baby any time so he couldn't come. He and I first met on the 1992 campaign in Norwich North and we've remained friends ever since. He's one of those few people who you might not speak to for months but you just pick up from where you left off. A rare thing.