I have never shouted at a radio presenter before, but I have just had the Mother of all rows with George Galloway on TalkSport. Quite incredible. I had been invited on to talk about the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's 1979 election victory.

He started off by introducing me as an "apologist for Margaret Thatcher". I explained that 'apologist' is a pejorative word which I objected to. I then started talking about what the country was like in 1979 and how it had been brought to its knees by the trade unions. He interrupted me and went on a two minute monologue about how awfully she had treated the steel industry. I tried to interject on several occasions but it soon became clear that my mic had been cut off. When eventually he finished his monologue I complained bitterly that he was trying to silence me, and it developed into a very ugly spat in which I accused him of propagandising and not understanding the role of a talkshow host. We were both shouting at each other, which I am sure why very unedifying to listened to. I debated whether just to put the phone down but in the end decided to continue. In fact, even during the on air row he closed the microphone so a lot of my ranting wasn't heard.

I wonder whether they will put it up as a podcast after the show.

I am still fizzing.

Must get him to phone me up next week during my programme so we can have Round Two.

UPDATE: Feedback to the confrontation from Twitter & Facebook seems to be that I held my end up and made him look a fool. I'm not so sure. I suspect I ranted too much...