Today was varied to say the least. It started at 9am when I spent a couple of hours talking to 30 pupils of All Saints School, Lessingham. They were 13-16 years old and I have to say they were the most enthusiastic teenagers I have come across. The questions kept coming and coming and coming. And they were good ones too. Quite a lot involved killing... but hey! I had to call a halt at 10 to 11 as I was supposed to be in Mundesley at 11, Great kids. In Mundesley I made a brief speech at Mundesley Conservatives AGM and then spent a very enjoable half an hour with the residents of the Munhaven Old Peoples Home. A great bunch of people. A campaign team meeting in the afternoon which was extremely positive and then Cromer School Governors in the evening. Came home to find the kitchen under water. The boiler's sprung a leak. I know nothing about plumbing. HEEELLLPP!