It's 1am and I am about to go to bed. Very frenetic day. IDS arrived over an hour late due to traffic. What is it with me and visiting speakers? Boris Johnson went to Peterborough instead of Norwich, Cecil Parkinson ended up driving down the M11 the wrong way and now this! IDS did an hour on North Norfolk Radio and we then went to the Princess Diana Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre at Mundesley. More of this another time, as it was a real experience. It's a truly superb facility and we spent an engaging two hours there talking to the staff and patients. Then on to The Feathers in Holt for a dinner. IDS and I then had a superb time in the bar talking to local people and having drinks bought for us! He scored a real hit with a group of about 20 raucous young ladies. I think they thought we were the strippograms! 

Tomorrow I am going to Wells to take part in a demo against the closure of the hospital. Again, more of this tomorrow. I'm falling asleep typing this so I think I had better stopzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.