I much enjoyed my little sojourn in Aylesbury last night. Needless to say it took me far longer to get there than I imagined, mainly due to the fact that the Edgware Road was shut. This was far from a rubber chicken dinner. It took place in a catering college, which has opened a restaurant (called Hardings) entirely staffed by students. It was an absolutely fabulous meal - the best profiteroles I have ever had - and I say that as a diabetic (Ok, you have to allow me the odd relapse...)

I had prepared some notes, but as usual nowadays, as soon as I got up to speak I didn't look at them at all. It seemed to go well. The first question was: "Iain, can you explain your obsession with Hazel Blears?" I tried, I tried. Several in the audience were readers of this blog, who seemed to know more about me than I know myself.

Chatting before dinner, one person brought up the Stuart Wheeler post from yesterday. He seemed to think there was provision in the constitution of the Party for expelling someone who urges Conservatives to vote for another Party. Now there's a thought.

It's quite nice doing these dinners and Association events when you are not a candidate and don't have to do an "Isn't the Tory Party and its leader brilliant" speech. The audience really seem to appreciate it when you give honest views and say some slightly controversial things. I thought David Lidington was going to have a heart attack when I said .... er .... hmmmm ... I'll leave that one hanging... :)

Now, I gather there's a minor golf match about to start...