Given the Prime Minister, in her infinite wisdom, has pulled the vote tomorrow, some questions in this poll have proved to be somewhat academic. However, I'll post them anyway. For the record, 2,318 people took part in this poll. I must emphasise that there is nothing scientific about this at all - indeed, when you see the answers to some of the questions you'll agree with me that perhaps this sample is not entirely representative of the population as a whole!

66% of you said you'd voted Leave in 2016, and 69.5% of you would now if there were another referendum. Interestingly, 4.2% of you have switched from Leave to Remain, while 6.8% have switched from Remain to Leave. All I'll say is that fits in with my anecdotal evidence that more people are switching to Leave than away.

Otherwise I will leave it to you to interpret the rest of the poll. 

Q1. If you were an MP, how would you vote in Tuesday's vote on the Withdrawal deal?

For 10%

Against 90%

Q2. What is your prediction for the vote on Tuesday?

The government will withdraw the motion 18.2% (well done!)

The government will win the vote 1.1%

The government will lose by fewer than 50 votes 8.6%

The government will lose by between 50 and 100 votes 39.8%

The government will lose by between 100 and 150 votes 23.7%

The government will lose by more than 150 votes 8.6%

Q3. If the government loses the vote by more than 100, do you think Theresa May should resign?

Yes 81%

No 19%

Q4. If the government loses the vote by more than 100, do you think Theresa May WILL (rather than should) resign?

Yes 25%

No 75%

Q5. If Theresa May goes back to the EU seeking changes to the Withdrawal deal what do you think their response will be?

They will refuse outright 23.7%

They will agree to make meaningful changes 4.1%

They will agree to cosmetic changes 46.6%

They will agree to changes to the Political statement but not the withdrawal agreement 25.7%

Q6. How did you vote in the 2016 EU Referendum?

Leave 66.3%

Remain 29.3%

Didn't vote 4.4%

Q7. If the EU Referendum of 2016 were repeated today, how would you vote now?

Leave 69.5%

Remain 28.8%

wouldn't vote 1.7%

Q8. Which of these applies to you?

I voted Leave in 2016 and would do so again 64.5%

I voted Remain in 2016 and would do so again  24.5%

I voted Leave in 2016 but I would now vote Remain 4.2%

I voted Remain in 2016 but I would now vote Leave 6.8%

Q9. Do you think there should be another EU Referendum/People's Vote?

Yes 26%

No 74%

Q10. If there is another referendum, what should be on the ballot paper?

Leave v Remain 19%

Withdrawal deal v No deal v Remain 13%

Withdrawal deal v No deal 50%

Two questions on the ballot paper: Q1. Leave or Remain Q2. If Leave wins, deal or no deal 18%

Q11. Would you support the formation of a Government of National Unity?

Yes 39%

No 61%

Q12. If a Government of National Unity were formed, who should be Prime Minister?

Theresa May 32%

Jeremy Corbyn 13%

David Cameron 15%

William Hague 23%

Tony Blair 10%

Gordon Brown 7%

Q12. If there were General Election tomorrow, who would you vote for?

Conservative 34.6%

Labour 10%

LibDem 10%

SNP 1.5%

Green 3%



Plaid 0.2%

Sinn Fein/SDLP 0.1%

Other 5.6%

Won't vote 14%

Spoil ballot paper 11%