Apologies for the fact that I haven't posted anything for a few days. No excuses. Here goes for a quick catch up. 

SUNDAY: Spoke at Cromer Conservative do at lunchtime. Good event. Nice people, including a very nice young blonde lady who wants to stand for the Council. I'm delighted we are getting so many more young people involved. 

MONDAY: A day at work. 

TUESDAY: A day in London. Morning with the accountant, lunch at the Conservative Womens' Conference, afternoon at the dentist, evening at the Conservative History Group. Funny thing happened at the dentist. I told her I was now a Conservative Candidate and lived in a little village that no one outside North Norfolk has heard of. The dental assistant asked what is was called, so I said 'Swanton Abbott'. Turned out she went to school there as a child. Small world. 

TODAY: Another day at work. Sent out a press release today on yet another example of LibDem hypocrisy on the Council. It is the policy of the LibDem controlled Council to transfer Council Houses to the tenants after a vote. Last week LibDem Holt District Councillor Ron Stone (Holt) was pictured handing a petition to Norman 
Lamb calling for his own District Council to face a Judicial Review over 
the transfer of Council homes to their tenants. Norman Lamb was pictured 
accepting the petition. 

Today in the House of Commons LibDem Party Chairman Simon Hughes made 
clear that the Liberal Democrats national policy is to oppose such 
transfers. His comments came in a question to the Prime Minister at 
Question Time. 

I said in my release: "I have today written to Norman Lamb asking for his 
views on the transfer. Does he support his own local Party who want to 
transfer the houses, or does he accept LibDem national policy which is 
to oppose such transfers, and if so, is he going to support Councillor 
Stone's petition? Mr Lamb is used to straddling both sides of a fence. 
Perhaps he would like to tell the people of North Norfolk which side he 
is going to come down on. People are fed up with politicians who try to 
be all things to all men." 

TOMORROW: A day in Cromer.