FULL NAME: Andrea Jacquline Leadsom
BORN: May 13 1963, Aylesbury
AGE: 53
EDUCATION: Tonbridge Girls Grammar, University of Warwick (Political Science)
STATUS: Married to Ben, 3 children
CONSTITUENCY: South Northamptonshire
EXPERIENCE: Councillor, South Oxfordshire District Council 2003-2007. Contested Knowsley South constituency in 2005. Treasury Select Committee 2010-14. Economic Secretary to the Treasury from April 2014-May 2015. Minister of State for Energy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change May 2015 to present
OTHER EXPERIENCE: Barclays de Zoete Wedd (BZW) 1993-1997, Managing Director of De Putron Fund Management (DPFM) 1997-1999. Chief Investment Officer at Invesco Perpetual from 1999-2009.
MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “Let me see that spreadsheet.”
LEAST LIKELY TO SAY: “I’d like to be driven home by Amber Rudd.”
FAMOUS QUOTES:“My fight against HS2 goes on. Until there is a dramatic rethink about HS2, I will continue to fight for generous compensation and effective mitigation to help those substantially affected by HS2 move on with their lives.” “ I expect the governor will be significantly regretting getting involved in politics, destabilising the markets in the exact opposite to the way he should do and I’m quite sure that he will be wishing he hadn’t done it.”
STRENGTHS: Conviction, economic expertise, calm under fire
WEAKNESSES: Somewhat unknown, never been a Cabinet minister
MAIN ADVISERS: Luke Graystone


Experience: 5.1
Negotiating Skills: 6.5
Star Quality: 5.7
Likeability: 6.0
Ability to take the fight to Labour: 6.5
Economic Competence: 8.1
Intellectual Capacity: 6.8
Ability to Unite the Country: 6.1
Ability to Unite the Party: 6.6
Integrity: 7.5
Courage: 8.1
Leadership: 6.0
National Appeal: 6.0
International Experience: 4.5

Andrea Leadsom beats all the other candidates in Economic competence, Ability to unite the country and Integrity. She comes second to Boris Johnson in Intellectual capacity ans second to Theresa May in Ability to unite the party.



There is little doubt that of all the Leave campaigners, Andrea Leadsom performed brilliantly. She raised her profile immensely and impressed everyone with her calmness, knowledge and determination. Even Remain campaigners admit that she had a good ‘war’.

In this media age, the ability to perform well on TV is a pre-requisite for a leader, and the way she dealt with attacks in the ITV debate from her boss Amber Rudd demonstrated a calmness under fire which few failed to notice.

It is rumoured that she is holding off on a leadership bid announcement on the basis that Boris, or even Theresa May might offer her a job as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Either would be wise to do so. However, it would be a pity, as being a participant in a leadership contest would give her a chance to really shine and come into her own.

Leadsom’s economic expertise is beyond doubt, and probably better than any other potential leadership candidate. Many people think that she is also probably the best negotiator as well. These two qualities mean that she could be the surprise candidate in this election if she articulates a vision that Tory MPs can relate to.

It is said that she is a little cold and lacks a sense of humour. Neither of these accusations holds much water, but the issues need to be addressed if and when she announces her bid.
There’s a touch of the Thatchers about Andrea Leadsom, and indeed a touch of the Theresa Mays. Not a bad combination.

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