I discovered the most brilliant shop in Cromer today. It's the Garden House giftshop in Garden Street. I bought about a dozen presents there which essentially meant I'd done all I needed to. Hurrah! I'm a day ahead of myself. Normally I buy all my presents on Christmas Eve! 

I then went to Colin Haddow's funeral at St Faith's Crematorium. There was a huge turnout. I have to admit I have never been to a crematorium before and have something of a phobia about them. I'd always vowed never to set foot in one. I don't know why it is that Christmas time always seems to be a time of year when people I know depart this earth. 

Popped over to Keith & Pepi Simpson's later on this afternoon. Keith is MP for Mid Norfolk and his wife is a good friend with dubious tastes. She is obsessed by Will Young. So naturally I bought her a very tasteful Will Young related Christmas present. (I've actually met Will Young...but that's another story) Nothing would drag out of me the small but perfectly formed item of clothing with Will Young's face on it I bought her. No siree. 

Tried to book a new year's eve dinner at my favourite restaurant, Jacque, in Cromer but they are fully booked. Damn and blast. Why didn't I think of this before? It's a superb restaurant.