A very enjoyable and useful day which was dominated by the visit of David Cameron MP, our local government finance spokesman to North Norfolk. However I started the day off in Norwich doing an interview with Radio 4's Today Programme on political egg throwing. Seemed to go quite well, especially when I told Jim Naughtie "you're showing your age". With David we did an interview with the EDP, half an hour on North Norfolk Radio and then a stint with the marvellous Sheringham Independent. Did a bit of street campaigning in Sheringham before a meeting with Conservative Councillors. This evening David and I spoke at a party fundraiser at the hugely imposing Hanworth Hall. About 100 people were present and there really seems to be a spring in the step of North Norfolk Conservatives at the moment. And about time too! While I write this I am watching a very depressing issue of Question Time which is concentrating on Europe. If this is the level of debate we are going to have God help us. I wonder if everyone else agrees with me about that awful Patricia Hewitt. I imagine every time she appears on TV she turns people off Labour. Good.