Plato (Correction: It was ConHome who first pointed this out) has just pointed out that I wrote THIS post speculating about the launch of a cyberwar by the Labour Party on the very day that someone (presumably Draper) registered - 4 November 2008.

I've just finished doing interviews for Sky and the BBC News Channel on the subject and while I was on air at the BBC news came through that Charles Clarke has called for Damian McBride's head. In addition, the Labour Party Press Office has been trying to get Labour politicians to go on air and take the line that this is all a storm in a tea cup and the apology should be the end of it. Trouble is, so far they haven't been willing to find anyone to take the bait.

In addition, Nadine Dorries has gone public. One of the emails concerns her and she is demanding a personal apology from Gordon Brown and the head of Damian McBride.

Yesterday I predicted that McBride wouldn't have a job on Monday. After Charles Clarke's intervention, I'd say that prediction looks even better than it did yesterday. Mr Draper, meanwhile, has done to ground, thereby showing all the courage of the Prime Minister he serves.