What a fantastic evening. Fakenham Chamber of Commerce invited me to take part in a debate on the European Constitution with the Labour Candidate Phil Harris and LibDem MEP Andrew Duff. I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed myself. Phil Harris is a very nice chap and the debate was good. Andrew Duff is a complete federalist and quite happy to say so. I can respect anyone who nails their colours to the mast even if I don't agree with them. The audience was receptive and there were a clear majority on my side of the argument. The probable UKIP candidate Stuart Agnew was very put out that he had not been asked to speak, but he made up for it by asking 4 questions. Unfortunately Mr Agnew is so obsessed by this one issue that he can't quite get the fact that if you vote anything other Conservative in the General Election you are more likely to end up with a Labour Government which will continue to sell this country down the river, supported by their Federalist LibDem friends.