I  recorded my first pre-recorded programme for 18 DoughtyStreet Talk TV today. The interview was with Rodney Hide, the leader of ACT (the New Zealand Liberal Party) and his deputy, Heather Roy. ACT split from the NZ Labour Party in the early 1990s to pursue their own brand of free market liberal economics under the leadership of Roger Douglas and the charismatic Richard Prebble.


It's a really good feeling to have got the first programme under my belt. I even managed to finish it bang on thirty minutes despite the fact we haven't got talkback set up yet. Tomorrow we've got another rehearsal for my nightly Vox Politix programme. It's astonshing how much you can learn from a rehearsal - especially on the technical side.

We're all very excited by how the reporters network is building. Paul Burgin from the Mars Hill blog and Rachel from North London have picked up their cameras and we're looking forward to their contributions.