Had the first visitors to the new house this evening. Sylvia and Bert very kindly put me up for the first three months of my candidacy in North Norfolk and must be pleased to see the back of me! In fact four different people offered to put me up until I found a house, which bearing in mind they hardly knew me, was nice. Bert is from Texas and continually makes references to the Cattleman's Club and the Oil Baron's Ball. Fellow Dallas connoisseurs will remember the scenes fondly. JR turns to a lip quivering Sue Ellen and utters those magic words: "Sue Ellen, you're a drunk, a bitch, a whore and an unfit mother." Cue title music. Da da, da da, da da, da de da da... Time for bed methinks (or maybe the sanatorium). Off to Sheringham tomorrow for some heavy duty press fleshing in the market followed by a 220 mile drive to Stockton on Tees to appear on the stage with Ann Widdecombe. Best not to ask. The things I do to earn a meagre crust!