Probably the most hectic day of the campaign so far, and in many ways perhaps the most enjoyable. The day started in Fakenham where I attended the Framers' market and the Church St George's Day Fayre. We moved on to Sheringham and leafleted the High Street in competition with Norman Lamb and a few other LibDems. Cromer was next to get the St George's Day treatment, and I met up with Jack Russell Gio who joined us meeting and greeting voters. Gio was supposed to be wearing his all new St George's Cross Dog Coatr but unfortunately when it arrived in this morning's post it was about twenty sizes too small. Little Gio has emulated his Master and become a bit of a porker of late. From Cromer it was on to North Walsham, where the town centre seemed to be rather devoid of Saturday shoppers. We spent the afternoon in Hoveton before closing our campaign day in the Stalham area. 

I wonder what tomorrow's polls will show. I know all candidates never believe polls when they don't reflect your own experience on the streets but I genuinely believe something weird is going on out there which the polls haven't picked up. There's no doubt that our message on immigration and Council Tax has been received and understood and I hope this is reflected in what tomorrow's papers will tell us. 

We all move into the final phase of the campaign in good heart and cautiously confident of victory. I know it's going to be close, but I've always known that.