We certainly clocked up the miles today... Spent the early part of the morning in Fakenham market before a tour of the villages around Fakenham. I then had to drive to Yarmouth to meet Tim Yeo, our Shadow Environment Spokesman for a discussion on coastal erosion. Mark Fox, our candidate in Yarmouth, and I agreed with him our policy on dredging, which Mark and I believe to be part of the cause of coastal erosion. Detail to follow. I then drove all the way over to Wells to visit the Wells Hospital open day. Having now been round the hospital I am even more convinced of the case for it to stay open. Talking of which, apparently Gordon Brown has put his foot in it by accusing me of making an unauthorised spending pledge to keepo the hospital open if we regain power. By doing this it is clear that Labour will not reopen it if they win the election. I reconfirmed the position with Andrew Lansley, our Shadow health spokesman and the fact remains (whatever the newspapers might write) that if we win the election the hospital will reopen.