Someone hacked into the Blog late this afternoon and posted a huge amount of moronic rubbish on here. It has now all been deleted I think, but many of my postings were changed. I have trawled through them and I think I have caught everything, but if anyone finds something I may have missed please do let me know.

I believe I know who the hacker is and it is clear that they have connections to the Liberal Democrats. I assume the hacker will be reading this, so let me make one thing very clear. If this happens again I shall report it to the Police. Computer hacking is a criminal offence. 

If you can't win your arguments in proper debate it's a pretty sad state of affairs. 

I suppose my one consolation from this is that it shows how scared the LibDems are.

Thanks to all those who attempted to alert me about the hacking. Sod's law that I had left my mobile phone in my car while visiting people in Skeyton.