This afternoon I received an email from the person who hacked this site yesterday. This person has registered an email address in my name So on top of committing a criminal offence of hacking a website this idiot has compounded the issue by attempting to impersonate me. Enough is enough. On Monday morning I am going to the Police.

If anyone receives an email purporting to come from me from the address they should contact me immediately on 01692 538180. My real email address is It is clear from the messages posted on my Blog that the person who hacked my site is at the very least a Liberal Democrat sympathiser. I hope this is not the start of a dirty tricks campaign by my opponents. I intend to conduct an election campaign which treats my opponents with respect and I am sure they will return the courtesy, but it is up to us all to curb those who stray beyond the bounds of what is acceptable. I have already had several emails from LibDem supporters expressing concern at what has been done apparently in their name. I thank them for their kind words.