The fire's alight. The Christmas tree is up. God is in his heaven. And friends are about to come round for dinner. Life's good sometimes, isn't it? 

Today I have been in Holt and Sheringham. Sheringham this afternoon was especially rewarding. We got more Conservative pledges in an afternoon than any other afternoon I can remember. It was like shelling peas. What is interesting is that the concept of voting Conservative as the only way to get rid of Blair seems to be catching on very well. I'm starting to get recognised quite a lot as well. 

Yesterday was what you can loosely describe as packed. It started off with a visit to Fakenham High School for a couple of hours. I had a half hour grilling from the Student Council which was highly entertaining. We covered issues such as why Religious Education was compulsory, tuition fees, school trips and mixed ability classes. I then visited a company called Anglian Chemicals in Fakenham before driving to Hoveton to see someone about street lighting. It was then on to Cromer for a house meeting. 

I've also had a couple of pieces in the EDP this week - one about my night out with the Police in North Walsham and today a piece about the LibDems and their plans to impose a tourist tax - or not. They keep denying it's their policy to do so, yet it's still on their national website. Anyway, the EDP had some fun with it. 

On Wednesday night I went to London to go to the Today Programme Christmas Party. I spent twenty minutes talking to Lord Chris Rennard, who is Chief Executive of the LibDems and their General Election strategist. We've always got on rather well. I also found myself giving Christine Hamilton a bear hug. The things one does at Christmas parties... 

I'd love to tell you what I was doing on Thursday, but if I did, I'd have to shoot you. Why don't you all have a guess in the comment section? The only clue I will give is that it involves celluloid and hard drives. That's got you thinking hasn't it?