It's 1am and I'm downloading 24 hours worth of email, so I thought I'd type this in the foyer of the Moat House Hotel in Harrogate. This hotel typifies what's wrong with British hotels. It's a specialist conference centre hotel yet you can't even access the internet from your bedroom. And all for £106 a night. Scandalous. It took me 4 hours to drive up here this morning from Swanton Abbott. It was 111 miles from SA to the A1. The A17 is a road that seems to have no end. And it was very foggy, so not a very pleasant drive. Went out for dinner with two Sunday newspaper journalists and Guy Black, Michael Howard's press secretary. Also did a piece for Radio 4's World Tonight in which I said that we have to go into the next election showing a clear difference between us and Labour - and that means promising responsible tax cuts. I'm very clear about this. We have accused Labour of increasing taxes sixty times so we have to promise to reverse these increases over the term of a Conservative Government. Someone once said "The Conservative Party is a tax cutting Party or it is nothing". Anyone know who? Cutting tax does not mean cutting public services.