Henry Kissinger

An hour ago I got a Facebook message from my friend Daniel Forrester, who was on a train in the US heading from Newark, New Jersey to Washington DC.

What's a question you would want to ask him?

I replied...

Ask him what is his one memory of Richard Nixon.

Here's Daniel's account of the conversation.

Had a short but unforgettable conversion with 97 year old Henry Kissinger this am on the train back home. Asked him if he had singular memory of Nixon? Long pause and the voice like no other: “That’s hard for me to answer as we spent so much time together.” Long pause. “But perhaps it’s the unjust ending to his Presidency that stands out. He made a lot of excellent decisions and some really stupid ones. But it’s his departure that stays with me.” Question about the current President and he deflected and went to impeachment. “We didn’t use impeachment for a hundred plus years and in the last 40 years we have used it three times. Impeachment is a very important process and it it has been used the wrong way. It’s very dangerous what has happened to it.” With that we shook hands and said good luck. He likes to drink chocolate milk.

Isn't it incredible that the internet and social media allows me to put an instant question to one of the world's famous men on a train 3,000 miles away?

The internet is not all bad.