A listener sent me this little polemic, which he had found on Twitter and then edited. It makes some interesting points, whatever stance you take on the conflict. 

Can’t make this stuff up

Barbaric terrorist organisation  attacks a democratic country, murders over a thousand innocent people, rapes, beheads, and burns countless others. The world takes their side. Can’t make this stuff up.

After committing those horrible atrocities, the same organization releases casualty numbers from their side, and the world believes them blindly. Can’t make this stuff up.

In 2024, and Jewish students and professors are being blocked from entering their own universities and the Jews who are on campus are being bullied, harassed, and assaulted. In 2024. Can’t make this stuff up.

The camp that leads all the antisemitic activities on and off campus call themselves liberals and progressives even though the people they are marching for share zero progressive or liberal values. Can’t make this stuff up.

There are anti Jewish marches throughout the western world calling to globalise the intifada, all in the name of the Middle East conflict but not one such march happened in the actual Middle East. Can’t make this stuff up.

Throughout all the elite universities, there are actual criminals and terrorists openly calling for genocide and somehow the universities are cool with this. Can’t make this stuff up.

International organizations like the UN and the ICJ are calling to issue warrants for the arrest of Israeli officials but not a single word about Hamas. Can’t make this stuff up.

International pressure on Israel to end the war is increasing with close to no pressure on Hamas to release the hostages. Can’t make this stuff up.

Words like genocide and apartheid are being thrown around in regard to Israel when in reality, Israel’s enemy Hamas has declared its actual desire to commit genocide, something it tried on October 7th. Add to that that Arabs are free in Israel but if a Jew steps foot in a Palestinian village or town, he won’t leave alive. Can’t make this stuff up.

The Red Cross has not visited Israeli hostages once since October 7th, and everyone seems to be ok with that. They had one job. Can’t make this stuff up.

There are actual people comparing innocent women and children held in Hamas dungeons to mass murderers held in Israeli prisons. Can’t make this stuff up.

There are many thousands of people calling for a ceasefire and then in the next breath, they call to globalize the intifada. Those two things can’t co-exist. Can’t make this stuff up.

The same people accusing Israel of genocide are the same people chanting from the river to the sea, which literally means the erasure of Israel, aka actual genocide of Israelis. Can’t make this stuff up.

Actual Hamas terrorists are hiding in Rafah and yet the world wants to prevent Israel from entering and eliminating them. Can’t make this stuff up.

There are still people going with the “It’s not antisemitism. It’s just anti Zionism.” claim when random Jews are being attacked simply for being Jewish. Can’t make this stuff up.

Even according to Hamas’ made up numbers, this war has significantly fewer casualties than countless conflicts around the world, and yet, it’s all anyone’s talking about. Can’t make this stuff up.

Thousands use the freedom of speech given to them by the United States to chant “Death to America.” on American soil. Can’t make this stuff up.

What happened to logic? What happened to reason? Morality? Ethics? Truth? What happened to critical thinking? In such a short time, the world has gone nuts and we all just go on with our day as if any of this is normal.

Can’t make this stuff up.