So it’s snowing. Big deal. This country has gone stark raving bonkers in its reaction to the latest bout of snowflakes settling on the ground. Many public sector organisations actually told their staff not to come to work purely on the basis of predicted snow, rather than actual snow falling. ‘Elf ‘n’ safety, you see. Some schools have operated a similar policy. Train companies reduced their services in advance, without actually knowing how much snow would be falling. This is pure madness and is yet another blow to our fragile economy. When I was a schoolboy I remember trudging through five feet snowdrifts to get to school. The school bus might have been an hour late, but it got there in the end. Today it wouldn’t even leave the bus garage. We’ve become a nation of snow wimps.

Having said all that, I am like a big kid when it snows. I love it. This afternoon I took my two dogs out for a walk. It’s only the second time they have experienced snow and to watch them romping around in it was a pure delight. Bubba, the miniature Schnauzer, looks a picture after his walk. His legs and ‘undercarriage’ were caked with snow and the only way to get it off is with warm water. And after that he looks a little like a drowned rat.

On Sunday I have to get up very early to drive to London to do my Sunday morning LBC radio show. I certainly won’t let a few inches of snow put me off getting there (famous last words). A couple of years ago I was broadcasting until 10pm and could see a snowstorm raging outside the studio. I remember it took me four hours to drive the 40 miles back home to Tunbridge Wells. Actually, I rather enjoyed it!