This week, in case you hadn’t heard (!), I won Radio of the Presenter of the Year at the 2016 Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards. This is the entry compiled by my producers Jagruti Dave and Matt Harris. John Suchet, Frank Skinner, Christian O’Connell and Boogie & Dingo were my fellow nominees.

A lot of effort goes into compiling these award entries. The difficulty is deciding what to put in and what to leave out. As you will see, this entry features callers, interviews and presenting big setpiece events like Election Night.

We also entered two other categories, but weren’t shortlisted in either. I can’t remember their exact titles, but I think one was for One Off Special Event, or words to that effect. We entered the Labour Leadership Hustings Debate which I hosted in July.

We also entered our Britain Decides programme on election night, which I co-hosted with Shelagh Fogarty. I thought this was out strongest entry, but clearly the judges begged to differ!