Last night I made a new friend. Here is an email exchange with an LBC listener which started at around 10.50pm…

LISTENER: 1st time I have listened to your show & I was going to ring in to say that everything I have heard tonight was one sided for the Leave Campaign etc. But I think that you are probably the most obnoxious & Rude Radio Presenter I have ever listened to.I am going to complain to your station about your awful behaviour.Wont be listening to you again.
ME: Seeing as I didn’t even discuss the EU on my show today, good luck with that complaint.
LISTENER: I said tonight in my message,not just your show.I have been listening since I got in from Work at 5pm etc. I noticed that a different presenter took over at 10pm.So I thought I would listen in. But you were rude,obnoxious & condescending to virtually every caller.
ME: My show finished at 7. I did not discuss the EU. I’m intrigued by this because I actually pride myself in not being rude to callers. I take the view that if people take the trouble to pick up the phone the least you can do is give them a fair hearing. In the 5 hour we did Deepcut and in the 6 hour we did Hillary Clinton. I’m genuinely perplexed at how you have come to this conclusion as I don’t recall having a row with any caller apart from the man who thought Hillary shouldn’t be President because she couldn’t keep her man. And I took him on because he was being a dick.
LISTENER: Iain,I am so so sorry.I clicked email the show about an hour ago.The Presenter in Question is Nick Abbot & I just assumed that it was his email to receive. I have listened to you & Nick F etc for a month or so now. Having tired of talksport which I have been a listener for 10-12 years. I am a big fan & have enjoyed every show of yours that I have listened to.I am so embarrassed & apologize again.I will pop a tenner in the Help the Heroes box next time I’m out on your behalf.
ME: All refugees from talkSport are very welcome. We all make mistakes!
LISTENER: I am feeling so guilty m8.I still haven’t 100% got to know you all really well quite yet.But I do completely agree that you are extremely kind polite & understanding to everyone on your show & more importantly very entertaining.I think I saw you on Sky the other night etc.

I think the lesson here is that Nick Abbot’s humour was rather lost on my listener. He will soon come to realise that Nick is one the greatest ever radio hosts.