One of my favourite podcasts at the moment is the FORTUNATELY podcast, made every week by two of my favourite presenters, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. It’s all about the world of radio – chiefly Radio 4, although from time to time they stray outside the world of the BBC. I first met Fi when I used to co-present SUNDAY SERVICE on 5 Live with her and Charlie Whelan and I used to appear reasonably regularly on 5 Live Drive with Jane and the superb Peter Allen.

This week Paddy O’Connell joined them, and much to my utter amazement and delight, in the last few minutes they talked about me and my show on LBC. I know I have been doing it for seven years now, and having won a few awards I really ought to have more confidence in myself and my abilities, but to be praised by Fi and Jane for what I do absolutely means the world to me. There is no greater endorsement than that of your peers.

Anyway, download it from iTunes or go to their webpage.