Last night on LBC I interviewed LibDem environment spokeswoman Wera Hobhouse about the floods in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. She's been on my show several times before and always been rather impressive. This interview, however, turned into a bit of a car crash for her. She lauded the Eu for providing £8 million a year of flood defence funding for the UK but couldn't bring herself to admit that this was a splash in the ocean compared to the flood defence expenditure by the UK government.


She also didn't seem to realise that Britain has a far better record than any other weatern european country in reducing its carbon footprint. And then to top it all, when I broke the news to her that the government had just announced the deployment of 100 extra troops and some compensation for each household, well, see for yourself.... she kept banging on about the magic money tree - this despite the LibDems just having announced they would commit an extra £5 billion of flood defence funding. Oh dear.