So, at long last I’ve completed my final election predictions, seat by seat, region by region. My final prediction is this…

*Conservative 276
Labour 267
Liberal Democrat 23
SNP 54
Plaid Cymru 4
Respect 1
Green 1
Sinn Fein 5
Independent 2

If I am right, coalition government is virtually impossible unless the two main parties come together to form a Grand Coalition. The Conservatives, LibDems and DUP could only muster 308 between them. Even if you include UKIP they can only get to 313, ten shy of where they need to be. To be able to form a coalition the Tories need to be on at least 290 and the LibDems would need to get more seats than I predict they will.

For Labour, there is no coalition possibility at all now that Ed Miliband has ruled out any deal with the SNP. Even in a minority government, the combined Labour/SNP/Plaid/Green total is 326, which means it would be almost impossible to get any legislation through at all. Oh to be a whip in that scenario!

If this result happens, David Cameron will remain prime minister and put a Queen’s Speech forward and dare the Commons to vote it down.

Oh what fun lies ahead.

Here are the individual regional breakdowns. Just click on the links and you’ll see the seat by seat predictions.

Bedfordshire (0 changes)
Berkshire (0 changes)
Bristol & Surrounds (2 changes)
Buckinghamshire (0 change)
Cambridgeshire (0 changes)
Cheshire (0 changes)
Cornwall (1 change)
County Durham (0 changes)
Cumbria (0 changes)
Derbyshire (0 changes)
Devon (1 change)
Dorset (0 changes)
East Sussex (1 change)
Essex (2 changes)
Gloucestershire (1 change)
Hampshire (1 change)
Hampshire (0 changes)
Herefordshire & Worcestershire (0 changes)
Hertfordshire (1 change)
Kent (0 changes)
Kent (0 changes)
Lancashire (0 changes)
Leicestershire (0 changes)
Lincolnshire (1 change)
London Central (0 changes)
London East (0 changes)
London North East (0 changes)
London North West (0 changes)
London South (0 changes)
London South East (0 changes)
London South West (0 changes)
London West (0 changes)
Manchester (2 changes)
Merseyside (1 change)
Norfolk (1 change)
Northamptonshire (0 changes)
Northern Ireland (0 changes)
Northumberland (0 changes)
Nottinghamshire (0 changes)
Oxfordshire (0 changes)
Scotland (12 changes)
Shropshire (0 changes)
Somerset (0 changes)
Staffordshire (0 changes)
Suffolk (0 changes)
Surrey (0 changes)
Teesside (1 change)
Tyne & Wear (0 changes)
Wales Clwyd (0 changes)
Wales Dyfed (1 change)
Wales Gwent (0 changes)
Wales Gwynedd & Powys (0 changes)
Wales Mid Glamorgan (1 change)
Wales South Glamorgan (1 change)
Wales West Glamorgan (0 changes)
Warwickshire (0 changes)
West Midlands (1 change)
West Sussex (0 changes)
Wiltshire (1 change)
Yorkshire East & Humberside (0 changes)
Yorkshire North (0 changes)
Yorkshire South (0 changes)
Yorkshire West (0 changes)