My musical tastes are, shall we say, not to everyone's liking. I like pop, pure and simple. I like misery ballads. I also like electro-pop and African music. You'll find lots of examples here in my list of ten favourite songs of 2021. These are songs I discovered in 2021, but they may have been released earlier.

Anyway, here goes... and let's start off with one of the new songs by Abba!


Don't Shut Me Down by Abba

It's a Sin by Olly Alexander and Elton John

Hallucinate (BBC News Remix) by Dua Lipa

I Still Have Faith In You by Abba

Easy on Me by Adele

Summertime City 2021 by Mike Batt

The Way We're Made by Missing Andy


I Walk Alone Tonight by Iona Maclennan

Sound of Silence by Swann

Strawberries & Cigarettes by Troye Silvan

A Matter of Love by Jeff Chang

Heartbreak in This City by Steps & Michelle Visage

Declan Rice by Dpart

I Lost You to Lockdown by Terry Nash