Some weeks ago I was accused on Twitter of being a Tory stooge and worse by someone I didn't know. I defended myself. Richard then DMd me to apologise. Since then, we've developed a somewhat bizarre but really nice online friendship.

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, and he sent me this, which I read out on air. 

Who’d have thought I’d find a friend, through insults on twitter? 

Never liked his point of view, I found it quite bitter, 


When I listened, I apologised, I realised we got on, 

And that my comments, spread far and wide, were generally not on. 


I started to listen, every night, to him on LBC, 

Iain Dale, Rob Harris on sport and Simon from Washington DC. 


I found that I could argue along and even make a call, 

I didn’t get this on Radio 2, with good old Zoe Ball! 


So now that I have called in twice and we have spoken on the phone, 

Ive realised that when I get home, I’m still not on my own. 


You write, you talk, you never stop and that inspires me, 

My twitter mate, my real mate, my presenter from LBC 


Touched. #whycantwealljustgetalong