A comparatively dry day for a change. The first door I knocked on this morning in North Walsham was a LibDem switcher and a minute later a lady came up to me and asked me for a poster. I suppose it could only go downhill from there!

I hear that several LibDem councillors are trashing me on the doorstep. Nich Starling and Robin Combe - I would be very careful what you say in future. I always find it amusing that LibDems portray themselves as whiter than white yet will fight dirtier than anyone.

I can truthfully say that in two weeks of this election campaign I have not ever trashed Norman Lamb personally to a single voter. Pity his little helpers cannot return the compliment.

Before a spot of doorknocking on the coast I handed in my nomination papers at the District Council. Quite a moment.

This morning I spent half an hour with a group of pensioners in North Walsham and this evening attended a discussion with some people at the Cliftonville Hotel in Cromer.

The EDP say that there are rumours of an independent candidate. Nominations close tomorrow so this time tomorrow we will know the full lineup.