We could be entering one of the most momentous weeks in British politics for a few decades. Or maybe not. Rumours are rife that the government might 'pull' the meaningful vote on Tuesday. Theresa May is so far resisting advice to do so, but who knows what will happen. There is talk of Theresa May resigning, being forced out, delaying the vote and Parliament sitting over Christmas.

One thing is sure, only a fool makes predictions at the moment. 

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I want to test out what my readers and Twitter followers' views are on the Withdrawal deal, whether it will pass, Theresa May's future, the likelihood of Theresa May going back to Brussells to renegotiate, whether a second referendum is desirable or will happen, how you would vote in such a referendum and finally, do you think there should be a government of national unity, and who should lead such a government. 

I'll publish the results on Monday afternoon, so check back then.