Just arrived in Swanton Abbott for the weekend after a tortuous journey. Because of the ridiculous roadworks on the A11 I drove up the A12 and A140.

The DD bandwagon gathers pace as Julie Kirkbride and Ian Taylor both declared themselves today. Julie had supported Portillo and Clarke in the last two contests and Ian Taylor is a solid Clarkeite but believes DD can unite the Party from a One Nation perspective. The broad coalition is beginning to build quite nicely and I expect to see some similar declarations soon.

The Telegraph reports today that the Candidate's List is to be reduced from 1,000 to 150. I don't understand the rush. Surely this sort of thing should wait until a new leader is elected? I have some fairly strong views about how the Candidate's List should be run in future - which I'll keep to myself for now - but antagonising most of the people who did the spadework during the last election is not a good idea. These are the very people whose talents and commitment need to be utilised over the next couple of years, yet this move risks not only alienating them but made to feel they've been wasting their time.

Tomorrow I'll be going to see some old faces and then on Sunday lunchtime I have a thank you get together for about 70 people involved in my campaign.

Anyone seen my article in the New Statesman?

And next week I'll be tieing things up before starting my new job. I could tell you what it is, but if I did, I might have to shoot you...