Following allegations on this blog and others that Rick Stein and I are one and the same person and share the same voice box I would like to make it clear that the fact that we have never been seen in the same radio studio together is entirely coincidental. And I hate fish.

Seriously, whenever I host one of the theatre evenings with Ann Widdecombe someone usually comes up at the end and says "do you realise your voice sounds identical to Rick Stein?" Several people have also emailed to say the same thing after listening to my podcasts. To be honest, I only vaguely knew who Rick Stein was. Well, a voice is all we have in common. I don't cook, don't eat fish, don't live in Cornwall and am not rich. Apart from the, you can't tell us apart!

UPDATE: I'm informed that Rick Stein also has a Jack Russell called Chalky. My Jack Russell, Gio, is suitably unimpressed.