Don’t laugh, but this weekend I am going to buy a rowing machine. That’s ‘row’ as in oars, not ‘row’ as in an argument generating machine. It’s a last desperate attempt to achieve some degree of fitness. I used to play a lot of sport – squash, tennis, golf. At one point in my life I became quite a ‘gym bunny’. But the life I lead at the moment means I have little time for exercise. Two full time jobs mean that by the time the weekend comes I am too knackered to do much at all. I hate running. It seems so futile and boring. Swimming has the same lack of appeal. But I know I have got to exercise if I am to combat diabetes, so my new year’s resolution is to use the rowing machine at least three times a week, and not stop after the initial few weeks. I know I can lose weight again because I have done it before. But this time I really do have to keep the weight off permanently otherwise instead of taking pills to fight the diabetes, I will have to inject insulin every day. And that is something I really do not want to face!