Started the day off with a group of supporters wanderng around Sheringham market and then down the high street. Said a quick hello to Norman Lamb who was doing the same thing with a couple of his groupies. We then moved on to Cromer, North Walsham and finished up in Swanton Abbott. By far the best day so far with many switchers, especially from the LibDems. 

We've had a number of examples today of our posters being vandalised. Always happens. Funny how the LibDem posters always stay intact.

The EDP called to ask for my comments on a story they are running on Monday on Norman Lamb's decision to carry on canvassing during the Pope's funeral. They asked if I would call for him to apologise. I decided not to. In the end people can make up their own minds about how appropriate it was. It seems the LibDems had a national ban on campaigning but he broke it. 

So, what issues are people raising on the doorstep? Today it was predominantly Council Tax and immigration. 

Someone saw a black hearse tonight covered with Lamb stickers. Nothing to do with me. Promise!