I just found out that this Blog has been shortlisted by The Guardian for Political Blog of the Year. They describe it as ''Funny, witty, irreverent weblog of Iain Dale, well known raconteur, flaneur and Conservative PPC for North Norfolk. Informative about North Norfolk issues w/out being tedious.' Can anyone tell me what a flaneur is? Anyway, dear reader, should you wish to vote for me 
CLICK HERE. Remember - vote early and vote often! Only joking...

Tomorrow I am out canvassing in Glaven Valley in the morning and we have the final debate in our series of seven at Wells Community Centre at 7pm. I hope people there will be pleased at my announcement last Friday on the Conservative pledge to reopen Wells Hospital.

UPDATE: I have had several definitions of a flaneur. Not sure I like what I hear, but there you go...!

What's a flâneur? "An idle man-about-town," one of those fin-de-siècle
dandies who ambled through the crowds of European cities in search of
bustle, gossip, and beauty.

One who observes and comments in a witty, sophisticated, detached and slightly mocking manner. To be a flaneur was quite the thing in Paris in the late 19th century. It comes from the French verb which means to stroll, saunter etc.

And from one of my keenest Party members... "Un flaneur - "someone who idles about" - fits you perfectly!! I don't mean it."

Just come back from a morning's canvassing the other side of Holt. Got drenched. Two new poster sites though, so every cloud has a silver lining.