Just got back from Holt where I was giving a talk on Integrity in Public Life. Slightly ironic as I have been the subject of an article on today's EDP about the fact my campaign has received a donation from Lord Ashcroft. It was a typical article of the "well he's done nothing wrong but we'll make out as if he has" genre. Seeing as the donation has been properly declared to the electoral commission, I have defended it robustly. I know the media think that political parties can run their campaigns on thin air, but the reality is that there is nothing at all wrong with an act of political philanthropy. And that's just what it is. 

The talk itself went very well despite the presence of a heckler, who was turned on my many in the audience. I rather enjoy hecklers I have to say. 

Earlier I went to see the sewerage problems in Walcott for myself. It really is a terrible situation for which Anglian Water are entirely to blame.

I also had a visit from someone wanting to know how to become a Tory candidate. Also had two people write to me asking how they can join the Party, so things are looking up!

Got home to fina a letter from Michael Howard asking if I would like a postal vote or would like to donate to the Party. Thanks Mike!