Yesterday was the first debate between the four candidates for North Norfolk in Wells. Tonight was the second, in Fakenham. The third is in Sheringham on Thursday (8pm at the Community Centre). 

Last night it was all a little too cosy and gentlemanly. Lots of "Well I agree with you Norman" and "Iain is absolutely right." There were about 100 people present in Wells, about 30 more than were at Fakenham tonight. I can hardly believe that the issue of Wells Hospital didn't come up at all, nor indeed did healthcare of any description. 

Tonight's debate was a little sparkier and all the better for it, I thought. It's difficult to know how many floating voters attend these events but I hope they got something out of them.

For the record I think Wells was a score draw but I felt tonight I came out marginally on top. It has to be said the star of the show was the Reverend Adrian Bell, who chaired the event brilliantly - and at times eccentrically! Highly entertaining. He obviously fancies a career change as a Today Programme interviewer!