We have just had a visited from Her Majesty's Constabulary. "Do you own an Audi, Sir?" asked the WPC? "Well, if you look behind you, you'll see three of them!" I jauntily replied. "Is one of them registration number GU... XXX?" "Yes, the A4 over there," I pointed out. "We're trying to sell it." "Well it's been involved in a crime and used as a getaway vehicle," said the second WPC. I must admit, my blood started to run cold at that point, as I imagined joining Stevie Gerard down the local nick. My mood brightened when I realised it was registered in my partner's name and not mine :).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my partner had put it in Autotrader and hadn't photoshopped out the number plate. So a London criminal decided to make the plate up, put it on an identical car and use it in a robbery. Nice. Apparently this happens quite a lot.

The only reason I am telling you this is as a warning to others. If you're advertising you car for sale, don't put the registration number in the photo!

By the way, anyone interested in a top of the range high spec Audi A4?!!


8,500 miles, Latest Model. Black Leather Interior.Factory Sat/Nav. Bluetooth Phone Connection. Hill Hold. Front & Rear Parking Sensors plus rear Parking Camera. Xenon Headlights. Auto Lights & Wipers. LED Day Running Lights. Climate Control. Remote Locking. Electric Windows. 18 inch Wheels. Paintwork Protection. Audi Warranty till 2011. Low Emissions & Road Tax Band. Very Economical. £19,995.

5% (£1000) off if a reader of this blog buys it!

As the WPCs were about to leave, I asked them if they had ever had an Indian Head Massage. I quickly explained that I wasn't offering one (one of them looked more disappointed than the other one), but if they worked just over the border in East Sussex they'd get one free.