This is a text sent to Buzzfeed's Alex Wickham this week by someone who he describes as a "Veteran Tory MP"...

She told us she would not call an election. She called an election. She said no British prime minister could ever agree to a Northern Ireland-only backstop. She agreed to a Northern Ireland-only backstop.

She told us no deal was better than a bad deal. She would rather do anything but no deal. She told us she had secured legally binding changes to the backstop. Her attorney general confirmed the legal risk was unchanged.

She told us she would never join a customs union. She told Labour her deal is a customs union in all but name. She told us hundreds of times we would leave on March 29. She stopped us leaving on March 29.

She told us she could was not prepared to delay Brexit beyond June 30. She agreed a delay to October. She said we could not hold European elections. She moved the day of poll order for the European elections.

I am sorry to say it, but the simple truth is we cannot trust a word she says.

Blistering stuff. And all true. It doesn't really need any commentary from me, does it? 

Alex Wickham is becoming one of the finest political journalists in the lobby. Read his full article HERE on Buzzfeed.