Took the train to London today and on the way back (standing all the way of course) I started reading Private Eye. I turned the page and there, staring out at me was my name. Gulp. Oh God, I thought, what have I done now. Racking my brain to think of anything that would have warranted a mention in Private Eye I felt as if everyone was watching me! It turned out to be a report an attack I made on Labour MP Austin Mitchell about him accusing me of shutting Politico's purely because I wanted to be an MP. Phew! 

On Saturday night I went to dinner with some old schoolfriends near Saffron Walden and on Sunday spent the day working on various business and Norfolk related matters. Dreaded going to London today. It's amazing how little I have missed it. 


I wrote to Tony Blair today urging him to forego his taxpayer aided holidays this year in some sunny climbe and instead come to North Norfolk. Fat chance, I know, but it's about time he gave a lead and took a holiday in this country. His last jaunt to Bermuda cost the princley sum of £27.50 a night. I know a good B&B in North Walsham that could compete with that very well. 


Got a mention in Ann Widdecombe's new Agony Aunt column in The Guardian today. She says she is scared stiff of my driving and that I have a bag of crisps in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. What a gross exaggeration... She forgot to mention the can of Fanta between my knees! She even rang me up to ask if I had seen it. No wonder she is driving herself to Manchester to our next Theatre gig on Wednesday! On Friday she's coming to address the North Walsham Conservatives annual dinner. It sold out two months ago. I wonder whether I dare present her with one of our car stickers - it says "Going Howard's Way"!!!