New Year is always a time to reflect on what's happened over the previous twelve months - the good and the bad. Friends you've made, loved ones you have lost.

Workwise, 2019 was a great year for me. The move to the evening slot tuirned out to be a great thing, given much of the political breaking news this year occurred in the slot. My TV work mushroomed to the point where I said no to things more often than I said yes, although I appreciate few people will believe that to be true. I've also done more writing for national newspapers than ever before. I did a 24 show run at the Edinburgh Fringe and signed two big book deals. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and my private life has suffered as a consequence. I've neglected long standing friendships and spent very little time at our house in Norfolk.  

So here are my 25 things to remember about 2020 (In no particular order!)...

  1. Finishing writing WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG, the seeing publication delayed from May until August. And signing 1500 copies of it.
  2. Publishing THE PRIME MINISTERS in November, and marshalling all 55 writers to deliver on time! And signing 1100 copies!
  3. Winning 'Pointless Celebrities' with Jacqui Smith. Recorded in January, but not broadcast until November.
  4. Walking off set on Good Morning Britain in February. 
  5. 2020 became the second year in a row that I didn't travel abroad. Greta Thurberg is pleased with me.
  6. Taking a call from Denise in Headley on LBC and then inviting her to co-present the show with me the next night.
  7. Appearing twice on on Any Questions and not being invited back onto Question Time following my criticism of it after the last time I went on.
  8. Discovering Zoom and getting used to doing Live TV from my dining room.
  9. Interviewing Ken Clarke live on stage in Nottingham in February.
  10. Hosting 6 weekly podcasts.
  11. Hosting LBC's American election night coverage for the third time, and the second time with Shelagh Fogarty.
  12. Getting used to watching live football on TV with no crowd, and not attending a proper match since February.
  13. Appearing at Britain's first Drive-in Literary festival at Appledore in Devon.
  14. Broadcasting nearly 100 shows from my bedroom during lockdown.
  15. Taking a call from Cliff in Hoddesdon, whose mother had died from Covid only two hours earlier.
  16. Chairing the judges for the Orwell Prize Exposing Britain's Social Evils Award.
  17. Winning, with Jacqui Smith, an award for Civility in Politics for our For the Many podcast.
  18. Developing further my weekly Sunday evening newsletter which goes to 5,000 people each week.
  19. Interviewing Mike Pompeo.
  20. Interviewing Sir Cliff Richard.
  21. Only being able to go to Norfolk fewer than 8 times in the whole year.
  22. Not buying a car. Again. Another Greta point earned.
  23. Appearing on countless other podcasts, the highlight being Matt Forde's Political Party.
  24. Starting my online shop, which in December transformed into 
  25. The love of my dogs.