Well that was a bit weird. Earlier in the year I signed up Sean Spicer’s book for Biteback. Given I’m not longer at Biteback I felt free to interview him about the book with no conflict of interest, and secured the only UK radio interview. He did interviews with Newsnight and Good Morning Britain on Monday and Tuesday. I watched them both and knew that he was going to be a tricky interviewee, and so it turned out.

He just wouldn’t answer questions, which is a bit awkward when he’s trying to convince people to buy his book. As the interview wore on, although I couldn’t see him (he was in New York) he became a little bit tetchy and clearly didn’t like my line of questioning. He even rolled his eyes at one point.

In the end, he terminated the interview, which I have to say has never happened to me before – at least if it has I don’t recall. It seems he objected to being asked questions that weren’t directly relevant to the book. I know US media can be incredibly deferential in interviews. Well, that’s not how it works here. Yes, of course I asked him about the book, but he should have expected other topical questions.

Anyway, have a watch. It’s a bit #awks at times, but there you go. I’m no sure it will have added to the book sales…