Now there's a sentence you never thought you'd see on this blog. Norman has written to the Cabinet Office today to ask on what basis Lord Levy's secretary was given an MBE in 2002. The full story is HERE and you can watch the Channel 4 News report HERE.

I bumped into Norman in Portcullis House yesterday and we had a very pleasant chat (for the uninitiated, Norman trounced me in the election last year in North Norfolk). He seemed genuinely disappointed when I told him I wouldn't be applying for any seats in Norfolk. Can't think why! He laughed when I said it would be like waving a yellow flag at a bull. We then had a mutual commiseration on what a terrible job 'chief of staff' is. And after Ming's performance on Newsnight tonight... well, I'll stop there for fear of offending LibDem readers who are already reeling in shock at me saying nice things about Norman.