Someone told me a good yarn yesterday (I have no idea how true it is) about our beloved Prime Minister and his relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Apparently the two of them aren’t beyond taking the piss out of each other. It all started, apparently, while they were watching a live England v Germany football match together. Anyway, the two were taking a walk in the Chequers countryside one Sunday afternoon and came to the top of a hill overlooking the Buckinghamshire countryside. They stared silently in wonderment at the scene before them. “To think, Angela,” said Cameron. “If things had turned out differently, this could have all been yours.” Merkel’s immediate reply isn’t recorded. But on her return to Germany, she apparently sent her friend Dave a box set of ’Dad’s Army’ DVDs. I’m told Merkel herself is a huge fan of Midsomer Murders, and last Christmas Cameron sent her the complete series box set for her enjoyment. What a shame the DVDs didn’t contain German subtitles.

I read on Twitter yesterday that Merkel things Cameron is very charming, but has a tendency to behave like a naughty nephew. Just as well she doesn’t have pigtails.

  • If this has appeared before, apologies, but it was new to me!